Graduate Macroeconomics I – Université Libre de Bruxelles


From 2014 to 2019, I was teaching assistant for the course of Graduate Macroeconomics I, which is taught in the framework of the MRes in Quantitative Economics, at ECARES – Université Libre de Bruxelles.

The course – held by Prof. Philippe Weil – presents some fundamental building blocks of macroeconomic theory. I prepared and taught review sessions on various topics, among which: consumption, investment, real business cycle models, growth, life-cycle models, monetary economics, theory of economic policy, open economy macroeconomics.

Teaching Evaluation

Graduate Macroeconomics I 2016/2017 (last year with sufficient number of respondents for statistical significance)

Number of students 20
Number of respondents 11
Percentage 55%


More than 80% of the respondents stated that:

  • The teacher is available for students
  • Explanations are clear and adequate
  • The teacher created an atmosphere conducive to learning

Between 65% and 80% of the respondents stated that:

  • The teacher generates interest for the course


Comments of the students:

  • E2 – She was a great teacher, she was explaining everything that was asked, she motivated me to ask her whatever I could not understand because i did not have the required background for the course. I appreciated this.
  • E5 – Problem sets were a little long and some parts were hard to do since we were not provided a “Mathcamp” this year. Angela is very organized and ready to help. However, she sometimes seemed to missinterpret questions as criticism (when it was actually confusion).